Wood Vs PVC
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20 years ago, virtually everyone building a new home or an extension used timber windows. When these older houses were built they were constructed of building materials that even more readily absorbed moisture than modern-day ones. This was not a problem at the time they were built because the moisture within the materials would have recently been wicked away by ventilation, simply by the way in which we all lived at the period. However as we now centrally-heat our homes rather than using open fires, and we prevent draughts to save energy, each of our homes are 'breathing' less.

It's time to inspect and insulate around the window. If you have a house constructed in the very last 50 years, it won't look just like this. Modern houses make use of plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) as their particular sheathing. Besides being cheap, strong, and not requiring the destruction of old growth forests, OSB and hdf also make for very tight window installs.

Today's windows, whether PVC-u or factory-finished solid wood are low maintenance The only annual maintenance they will need is for the frames to be washed down and the equipment lubricated. Based on exposure conditions, factory finished wood house windows will need an initial refreshing coat of paint following about ten years; then at seven year intervals. This brings them to their original condition -- and allows you to change the colour if you want to! PVC-u windows, alternatively, do not need to be re-coated but actually will little by little lose their finish. Wood windows are also easier to repair than PVC-u.

TRUTH: Plastic material degrades, whereas Wood Windows Alliance-standard windows come with an approximated service life of about 60 years, that's two times the life of PVC-U windows. Plastic windows can turn into discoloured and brittle because a result of exposure to sunlight and as opposed to wood framed windows, they will can't be repaired. In fact, once you preserve and repaint wood house windows, their lifespan starts once more. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that well-maintained, good quality timber windows can last a century or maybe more.wooden window blinds

Fixed windows happen to be a great choice when you want a view, more light or equally but don't need the ventilation. They can also be a great way to add architectural detail equally inside and outside your home. They're also energy successful, compared to operable windows, because they're factory sealed and there isn't a seal or weatherstripping that may break down above time.